Curriculum Vitae - Rich Morris

Rich Morris
110 Washington Road
Edgerton, WI 53534
(608) 201-6227



Projects at Enviroplan:

Various smoke stack monitoring shelters
EnviroLink - Opacity meter fiber optic link
Various equipment sub-panels and PLC controllers
Drive R&D activities
Manage high growth department
Manage multiple stack monitoring projects
Develop and manage inventory control system
Develop documentation practices
Enviroplan Inc.
    7225 Woodland Drive
    Indianapolis, IN  46278


Enviroplan was started as an environmental consulting firm in the early 1970's by Dr. Howard Ellis.  The firm was based in New Jersey and in the 1980's it started a small group in Indianapolis to put together automated equipment to monitor smoke stack emissions.  The technology used dried air to retrieve a diluted sample from the smoke stream within the stack.  The sample was returned to the base of the stack and fed into various gas analyzers for continuous monitoring.  With the advent of new regulations of the clean air act, Enviroplan expanded the group and provided well over a hundred monitoring systems to power companies across the nation.  After the boom faded, the company went bankrupt in 1994.  At it's height, Enviroplan employed about 150 people.