Curriculum Vitae - Rich Morris

Rich Morris
110 Washington Road
Edgerton, WI 53534
(608) 201-6227


Breast Scanner


Projects at TDC / Labsonics:

Ultrasonic brain lesioning device
Ultrasonic milk flow meter
Ultrasonic breast scanner
Ultrasonic surgical scanner
World General Purpose Scanner
Manage R&D department of 6 engineers
Digital / pcb layout / system designer for ultrasound system
Represent products to clinicians
Labsonics Inc.
    236 E. Washington St.
    Mooresville, IN 46158


The Technology Development Corporation (TDC) was formed in 1984 by several ICFAR employees.  The charter of the company was to provide advance research and development services for small local companies.  TDC shared offices with Labsonics and merged with that company in 1985. 

Labsonics was a subsidiary of Labeco Corporation.  Labeco build chassis dynamometers and other automotive diagnostic equipment.  In 1984 they founded the Labsonics group, licensing breast scanner technology from ICFAR.  Several hundred breast scanner systems were installed during the 1980s and the group also developed several other ultrasonic devices which were picked up by other startup groups in the late 1980s.  The World General Purpose Scanner was commercialized by Avalon Technologies and technology for a gall stone disruption device was purchased by Diasonics Corporation.  At it's peak Labsonics employed approximately 40 people.  Labsonics was dissolved in 1990.